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At Ashton United, safeguarding is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring all participants' safety, welfare, and well-being, especially children, young people, and vulnerable adults. This page outlines our key principles, policies, and practices related to safeguarding within our club.

Safeguarding involves protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect and ensuring they grow up in a safe environment that allows them to achieve their potential. Our objectives include protecting from maltreatment, preventing impairment of health or development, ensuring safe and effective care, and taking action to enable the best outcomes for all our members.

As a globally beloved sport, football should be enjoyed by everyone in a safe and positive environment. At Ashton United, we strive to promote a culture of inclusivity and positivity. We are dedicated to preventing physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, protecting our participants from bullying and harassment, and building trust and confidence within our community. 

We follow the safeguarding standards and policies set by The Football Association (FA). Our club has implemented a comprehensive Safeguarding Children Policy, Codes of Conduct for coaches, players, officials, and volunteers, and thorough recruitment procedures including background checks and safeguarding training.

Continuous improvement is key to effective safeguarding. We regularly monitor and evaluate our safeguarding policies and procedures, gather feedback from participants and stakeholders, and stay updated with changes in legislation and best practices. We actively engage children and young people in safeguarding decisions and encourage open communication and feedback within the club.

At Ashton United, safeguarding is a collective responsibility that requires commitment from all levels of our organization. By implementing robust safeguarding measures, we aim to create a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment for everyone involved in football. For more detailed information and resources, please refer to The FA's safeguarding guidelines and policies.

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Jill Tichbourne 

07847 243710

Safeguarding Officer

Jackie Tierney

07890 516817

Welfare Officer

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