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Robins Relief Fund

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Who says footballers dont care ?

Ashton United FC Squad & Management Contribute to Robins Relief Fund

Hurst Cross— 5th May 2020 11am

On Wednesday 29th April 2020 Ashton United FC announced support to the local community through the Robins Relief Fund. The club is delighted today to announce a contribution from the players and team management of £540.

The Impact

100% of funds raised will be utilised in support of the needs of local people during the Covid-19 pandemic. All donations enable the group to provide:

  • A helpline for people

  • Dedicated Facebook page - Smallshaw Hurst Community Action Group

  • Volunteering opportunities, to help with hard-to-reach people and those without the internet or devices

  • Activity Packs for children and families

  • Activities to combat stress and loneliness & isolation

  • Other goods and services, as they become available 

The response to the free weekly activity packs has been amazing: ‘All enjoying their arts and crafts. Thank you so much, it’s really cheered up their day. They’re all busy making cards for Grandad and for the carers and residents at Kings Park’


Manager Michael Clegg, speaking on behalf of the squad and Team Management said: ‘We felt it was important to give something back to the community as a group. We sincerely hope everyone is ok and coping as best as possible. Its difficult times right now and its vital communities pull together. Hope to see you all safe, and soon!’

Jonathan Burke, Joint Chairman of Ashton United said, ‘It's fantastic that the players and management staff have made this donation. It shows that we're not just a club that are united on the pitch but also off it. This is a time when it's so important that we're all doing everything we can to meet the needs of our community and I'm so proud of our team for digging deep.’

For more information:

PR Contact Name: Steve Hobson

Phone number: 07868849184


Ashton United:

Ashton United in the Community:

Coronavirus Community Support Fund.

Ashton United in the Community is delighted to announce that we have been successful in securing grant funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund. Funding from the fund will help us join with our friends in Smallshaw Hurst Community Action Group to set up a Food Pantry for the benefit of local people. This is on the back of the sterling work carried out by our teams of volunteers during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen us utilise the facilities at Hurst Cross to establish a place where people can come and get free food. The new Food Pantry, run by local volunteers, will be set up in a building in Cedar Park and will be a more lasting place for local people to visit. AUITC will support the team to be able to ‘stand on their own two feet’ and establish a more permanent location.


Also the grant will help us tackle ‘Holiday Hunger’ where we will be able to provide meals for children during the school holidays through on site and pop up distribution. As we begin to roll out the activities and plans to distribute food to families and children we will keep you updated with photographs and comments from those receiving the support. We intent to make a difference!


We may not have the high profile of the Marcus Rashford’s of this world but rest assured that the work of your charity is just as important and needed as those schemes that fill the copy pages of the more popularist newspapers. Regardless of the politics of the situation we give thanks to the Government for making this grant possible.

Steve Hobson

Project Manager

Ashton United in the Community

POP-UP Pantry Helping the Community

Deserved promotion for Andy

After working tirelessly for the past six months as Community Volunteer Officer, Andy Finnigan has gained promotion within the Charity, Steve Hobson, Project Manager commented, ‘The trustees are pleased to be able to redeploy Volunteer Manager, Andy Finnigan, to the role of Acting Community Development Officer. Since March this year Andy has worked tirelessly with others from the Smallshaw Hurst Community Action Group in support of local families, demonstrating a clear need for us to maintain the services and activities we have been able to provide.This is a temporary position brought about by Covid-19 circumstances and our current funders agreeing to repurpose grant awards to address changing needs. AUITC is able to support the role until the end of March 2021 and thereafter is seeking to make the position more permanent. Efforts are under way to secure funding to make the role more permanent.’


The charity are delighted to announce, that we now have a food pantry situated at Ashton United F.C. for the benefit of the local community who are registered with the Smallshaw-Hurst Community Action Group, food parcels can be collected every Thursday 11.00-14.00. 

Anyone who is not registered can do so by attending at the times stated, where your details will be taken.

Such was the interest in this initiative that our local Councillors, Leigh Drennan and Mike Glover, attended and were delighted to help out by distributing the food parcels.


The charity in partnership with Smallshaw-Hurst Community Action Group, recently held two pop-up events in the local community, both events were well attended, the children were thrilled to be taking part in a host of activities, it is hoped to hold these events on a weekly basis, which will keep our local children occupied during these tough times.

High praise for Covid-19 volunteers

As a leading part of Smallshaw-Hurst Community Action Group, Ashton United in the Community has been heavily involved in the community response to Covid-19. Project Manager and Ashton United Vice Chairman Steve Hobson said, ‘Our people have been at the forefront of delivering massive social impact to so many families. We are humbled by local people’s response to our efforts. They are so grateful yet we have always seen it as the least we can do as a part of Hurst community. I have to praise the efforts of our volunteers and staff who just never stop. Well done to all of you!’


Recipients of our free weekly activity packs, have been very busy utilizing them, to complete our weekly themes, which recently composed of 'under the sea' and 'grow your sunflower' The packs are keeping the children occupied during the Covid-19 pandemic, and giving Parents a well earned rest, well done to all the children and keep up the good work.

Smallshaw-Hurst Community Action Group

The group continues to strengthen its engagements with the local community, thanks to our hard working volunteers, here is an up to date report of our activities.

‘Last week the Smallshaw Hurst Community Action Group, of which Ashton United in the Community is an active member, supported local families through the Covid-19 lockdown. We were joined by our Patron and Labour Deputy leader Angela Rayner

Here’s a summary of some of our activities’

                           Robins Relief Fund

Whilst Ashton United will still feel the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic the Robins will not suffer the worries of potential failure of the business, as might be the case in some quarters. The effect on many in the community of Hurst and District, home to many of the clubs’ supporters, their families and friends, is devastating.


We are hearing reports of loneliness and isolation, stress and anxiety, food and essential items shortages, deteriorating physical and mental health, the need for bereavement counselling, and shopping needs. Our team of volunteers are working together daily with community partners in Smallshaw Hurst Community Action Group to tackle these issues head on.


Football, the game we love, is not important at this time. What matters is how we face the trials and tribulations brought to us by this devastating virus, together! We have joined together with the trustees of our charity partner Ashton United in the Community in an effort to raise funds to continue to support our local community.

If you feel you can contribute financially, no matter how large or small, please donate via PayPal by clicking  on the donate button at the top of this page.

100% of the funding we raise will be used to help address local issues brought about by Covid-19.


Ashton United in the Community has already provided funding for leaflets and printing; to purchase food, essentials and activity packs, and has today committed an additional £2,000 in support.


Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner MP, Patron of Ashton United in the Community, referring to the efforts to help local people said, ‘this is typical of my local constituents mobilising to ensure that nobody is left isolated or without support; as a community we believe in helping each other in times of difficulty.  I am proud of the comradeship and community spirit they are demonstrating.’


Jonathan Burke, Joint Chairman of Ashton United said, ‘Local people are the lifeblood of our club. They have been with us for generations throughout the 140 years we have been at the heart of Hurst. Now is the time for us to do what we can to reciprocate their support; we must all come together and do whatever we can to help each other.’


Need help or support? Call us on 07523919185 or email and we'll do our best to help.



The Charity are delighted to have joined forces with local community groups, to form the Smallshaw-Hurst Community Action Group, to support local residents in these difficult times, anyone who feels that they may need help, are asked to contact the group, on the number or e-mail provided below, the group also need volunteers to carry out their important work.

if anyone is able to assist, then please fill in a volunteer from which can be found here                                                                                                                                           

 Charity Project Manager and Ashton United F.C. Vice Chairman  Steve Hobson said " Ashton United is proud to partner with other local charities to try to help local people, many who have supported The Robins for generations. Now its time for us all to come together to do as much as we can for each other.  


Charity Patron Angela Rayner, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party commented, ”this is typical of my local constituents mobilising to ensure that nobody is left isolated or without support; as a community we believe in helping each other in times of difficulty. I am proud of the comradeship and community spirit they are demonstrating.”

 Jonathan strides out for the Ladies

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak - this event has been cancelled - however, Donations are still gratefully welcome.    Thank You at this challenging time.

On the 5th April Ashton United F.C. joint Chairman Jonathan Burke, will be attempting to complete the Manchester Half Marathon, in order to raise funds for the clubs Ladies Team.

This is a great effort on Jonathan's part, as he has been unable to train as he would have liked due to injury, but is determined to give it a good go, a just giving page has been set up,and anyone wishing to donate can do so by visiting  all donations will be gratefully received.

The Charity are proud to announce, that Ashton United Football Club, have been awarded the Kick It Out Charter for football, the football club commented.  

‘Ashton United(AUFC) and Ashton United in the Community (AUITC) are proud to support Kick it Out. There is no place in our club and charity for discrimination and we will support all efforts to be more inclusive for all, regardless of their background.’

David Burke, Joint Chair AUFC and Trustee AUITC

Charity successful with Lottery bid

Ashton United in the Community (AUITC) is delighted to announce that the independent charity has been awarded almost £10k by The National Lottery Community Fund Awards For All England Programme.

AUITC Project Manager Steve Hobson said, ‘We are thrilled to receive the award in support of our volunteers who are engaging with the ‘Growing Well in Tameside’ initiative. The grant will be utilised to help improve mental and physical health and wellbeing for people across our community. We will be working together with partners across the district including Ashton United.’

Grounds team of the year 2019

Ashton United in the Community would like to congratulate all the volunteers who make up the Ashton United F.C. Grounds Team,who have been judged the Manchester Football Associations Grounds Team of the year.

Resounding success for Hurstfest 2019

Despite the wintery conditions, there was a tremendous turnout for Ashton United in the Community Hurstfest event, families enjoyed facepainting, bouncy castles, various animals,a football tournament, interacting with the emergency services, and a host of other activities to keep them happy. There was plenty of music on offer from a D.J. Brass Band and even a childrens plastic band, plenty of food and drink was on hand to compliment what was a wonderful day.

Ashton United in the Community Patron Angela Rayner M.P. was a welcome visitor, together with the Mayoress Cllr Denise Ward - Mcnally, and her Consort, Cllr David Mcnally.

Ashton United vice chairman Steve Hobson commented " What a great day at Hurstfest, despite the inclement weather. It was such a feeling of togetherness, with the whole community rallying round to ensure everyone had a day to remember "

 AUITC in conjunction with AUFC - Donate Kit to GMP Tameside

Tameside Police are delighted to have been presented with a football kit to use when officers are supporting local people to raise funds and awareness through football matches.


Back in October officers and staff from GMP’s Tameside Borough, took part in a charity football match against Emmaus Mossley, at Mossley AFC’s Seel Park. The event raised over £2000, with all proceeds being donated to the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Homelessness Fund, to be used towards the Bed Every Night campaign.

For the match, Ashton United Football Club kindly leant GMP Tameside one of their old kits for them to play in. The kit has now been donated to the GMP Tameside Borough by the Finnigan Family on behalf of Ashton United in the Community and Ashton United FC, who have had a custom designed GMP badge stitched on to the shirt.


Carol Finnigan, Trustee of Ashton United in the Community and the charity’s Welfare Officer said, “The police are very supportive of Ashton United in the Community and Ashton United FC initiatives. It’s great we can do our bit together in partnership to the benefit of the local community”.


Superintendent Jane Higham, of GMP’s Tameside Borough said “It’s really important that the police are seen as part of our community, and football is such a great way to get involved and help support local charities and initiatives. The kit is fantastic! Thank you so much for your donation Ashton United, we look forward to using it soon.”


The kit will be getting an outing when GMP Tameside and Emmaus take part in a follow up charity event later this summer, further details of which will be announced soon.

#Volunteers matter

Volunteers are the backbone of both the charity and the football club - here is a short video showing how our volunteers contribute towards our core values.

If you care to join us please get in touch, you will be made most welcome.

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